Month: December 2019

IDEAS: Episode 53: The IDEAS in #16Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women

we’re going to be looking at the issue of the IDEAS component when we think about Activism Against Violence Against Women. And I’m actually a little bit stirred by … on this subject because there was a tweet on my Twitter feed of a confrontation between an … very much aggrieved consumer of electricity and representatives of an electricity company in Lagos. And the … one of the representatives of the electricity company was a woman and she was holding a wire and the … or some cable, and the aggrieved consumer was also holding the cable, and they were sort of dragging it, and the man was obviously – I mean, I would say he was at breaking point – but at the point of his … as part of his reaction he started stripping himself and then he threatened to rape the representative of the electricity company, at which point of course she let go of the cable

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IDEAS: Episode 52, Gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa & Kogi States (II) (15/11/19)

Ok. Well, Bayelsa is … I think Bayelsa is a little bit … there are two parts to it. We’d already been discussing the fact that there are so many … there are so many security agencies deployed in the state, and, you see there’s a point at which it becomes counter-productive, because as I said, if the intelligence agencies and the security agencies had done their job and were working in harmony, then there shouldn’t be a need for such overwhelming security presence, unless the purpose of the security presence is something else, which is to say; either to intimidate voters, or it could equally be, to again pass a message to those who might want to use violence in the elections, that we’re on ground to stop it.

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IDEAS: Episode 51: Gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa & Kogi States (08/11/19)

IDEAS Radio 8 November 2019 Gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa & Kogi States Rotimi Sankore: Right, and welcome to the Public Square on Nigeria Info 99.3 with me, Rotimi Sankore.  Aghogho is on leave and we miss him. Ayo Obe is with me on the IDEAS segment, and Georges MacNobleson-Idowu will be joining us for the…

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