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IDEAS issues, Nigerian Workers and COVID-19, Episode 73 (1/5/20).”

Now next week, the 4th of May to be precise, Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory would begin a modification of the Federal Government-imposed Lockdown. Now one sector whose voice has been somewhat muted in Nigeria’s battle against the Corona Virus Disease has been that of organised labour. As the country joins the rest of the world in marking International Workers’ Day today, let us consider whether there are any IDEAS – talking about issues bordering on Integrity, Democracy, Ethics and Accountability – of particular concern to workers and organisations set up to fight for their interests in the COVID-19 crisis.

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IDEAS issues in Nigeria’s COVID-19 Response Episode 72 (24/4/20).”

eah, I think it’s a real question Chukwudi, simply because of the fact that as we are asking people to stay home, we are also depriving them of their income. And we know that even in the developed countries where people have safety nets and … social security, the situation has been very difficult for a lot of people. But I think that it requires first of all … when you are asking people to make sacrifices, you need to show that you are ready to abide by the rules and to do the things that you are … the minimum things that you are asking people to do.

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IDEAS issues in Coronavirus testing Episode 71 (17/4/20).

Ok, so what I will do is try to reach out to Ayo Obe again, so that we can set the ball rolling. Remember I said that today we’re looking at the Federal Government, the NCDC and the Corona virus testing strategy. Now Nigerians in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory are currently in the third week of a Federal Government ordered lockdown, and various states across the Federation are also grappling with a range of different varieties of lockdown

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