Month: June 2022

IDEAs Episode 108: Ike Akaraiwe SAN on Problems in the Financing of the Judiciary

Our guest on the programme today is Ike Akaraiwe Esq., SAN. A former 1st Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association, the convenor of the Rule of Law discussion group – we call ourselves ‘RoLites’ – and practices law in Enugu. Ayo said that Nigerians had been shocked when a letter was leaked to the…

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Episode 107 Blog – 10th June 2022 IDEAs issues in the just-concluded Primaries season

Before delving into the issues for discussion today, Ayo corrected the wrong information conveyed by her interview with Honourable Patrick Ikhariale in Episode 106, where they had wrongly discussed the APC primaries as if there was to be only one delegate per LG, whereas it was in fact 3 delegates per LG. She then turned…

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Episode 106 Blog – 27th May 2022 Hon Patrick Ikhariale on IDEAs issues as Delegates pick Political Party Flag-bearers

With all the drama surrounding the issue of political party delegates, this week IDEAs had a big interview with Honourable Patrick Ikhariale, a former member of the House of Representatives on the issue.

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