Month: December 2021

Episode 96 Blog December 2021 Clement Nwankwo on the President’s veto of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill

On Monday 20th December President Buhari wrote to the National Assembly that he was withholding his assent to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.  In a letter dated 13th December that was read to the Senate and the House of Representatives on the 21st of December, the President focused on the clause that imposed direct primaries…

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Episode 95 Jide Ojo on Asset Recovery and Disposal

Episode 95 Blog – 10th December 2021 Jide Ojo on Asset Recovery and Disposal by the Anti-Corruption Agencies December 9th was World Anti-Corruption Day, and Jide Ojo, a public affairs analyst, columnist and television host joined Ayo Obe to discuss issues connected with Accountability in the recovery of assets that were the proceeds of fraud,…

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