Month: June 2023

IDEAs Episode 131 Bismarck Rewane on IDEAs issues in Subsidy Removal and Naira Convergence

andra introduced Ayo who intimated her that today’s was the penultimate broadcast of IDEAs Radio.

The guest, Bismarck Rewane, was greeted by Ayo who went on to say that the new administration of President Bola Tinubu had been getting praised for its policies such as floating the Naira and removing the fuel subsidy, but that most of that praise was coming from outside the country.  Even though most people inside Nigeria agreed that these policies needed to be implemented, there was real concern about the impact on people.

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IDEAs Epsiode 130 Nkoyo Toyo on Subsidy Removal and Palliatives

Chuwudi Ezugwu introduced the guest – Nkoyo Toyo, the Convener of the Labour Civil Society Front – and the topic, which he felt everyone would be very interested to hear: the removal of subsidy and the kind of palliatives that would be most useful.

Ayo Obe feared that listeners may have been groaning at the idea of more talk about subsidy removal and palliatives, but said that the programme would be looking at matters from the perspective of Integrity, Ethics and Accountability in our Democracy.  She said that today’s guest, Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo, was not only the Convener of the Labour Civil Society organisation, but was also a well-known civil society activist,

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