Month: February 2022

Episode 100 Blog – 18th February 2022 Atedo Peterside on the 2022 Committee, National Consensus and Accountability

Ayo introduced Atedo Peterside as the founder of StanbicIBTC Bank which makes waves in financial circles, and the Chairman of the ANAP Foundation which is doing what it can to make Nigeria better in many ways.  Most listeners would be familiar with its efforts to persuade Nigerians to get involved in the political process. She…

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IDEAs Episode 98 Blog – 21st January 2022 Iniobong Usen of BudgIT on duplication and padding in the 2022 Budget.

During the week BudgIT released its analysis of the 2022 Budget of the Federal Government and its Senior Research and Policy Analyst, Iniobong Usen came on IDEAs Radio to discuss the issues raised with Ayo.

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IDEAs Episode 97 Blog Richard Akinnola on in some issues coming up in 2022

he first issue Richard discussed with Ayo was the President’s veto of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, which will have a major impact on Democracy in Nigeria and the Integrity of elections in the country. 

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