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COVID19 in Nigeria: IDEAS issues Episode 68 (27/3/20)

because you may remember that we discussed it a month ago, at the end of February, and we talked about the issue of trust, and how, because we have an Integrity, Ethics and Accountability deficit, that we have this trust deficit. But I think that since then, events on the Corona virus front have really moved on apace, if I can put it like that, in the sense that we seem to be having … on the one hand we have … it seems as though we have a good technical response in regard to the issue of tracing and treating people who have come into contact with Corona virus carriers. But on the other, we have these … questions at every level …

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The Abule Ado Explosion and IDEAS, Episode 67 (20/3/20)

mean what happened, according to the NNPC, a truck ran into a gas processing plant and it exploded, and that caused damage to the houses around, and it also caused damage to the NNPC pipeline. Now … it’s not been quite clear, because looking at the damage that was done in Abule Abo, it … of course I don’t know how many gas cylinders we’re talking about, but the extensive amount of damage, I mean I take my gas cylinders to a gas filling, a gas processing plant, and it’s in the middle of a residential area of course, but I can’t imagine that they have that many cylinders, I just can’t imagine what’s going on.

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I may just let you know Rotimi, that this week I was actually at the Electoral Institute of the Independent National Electoral Commission.   And I mention it because the topic that we discussed was one that has come up in relation to some of our previous programmes, and that was Vote Buying.  And, you know; what it is, why it’s happening, what is being done to prevent it. And it was an interesting exchange that I had at the Electoral Institute with some of the participants, and those who are particularly concerned with Electoral Reform.  But I think that what, the purpose of it is for us to see about, to be able to test the integrity of the election that’s coming.

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