IDEAs Episode 93: Issues in the Anambra Gubernatorial Election: interview with Ene Obi

With the Anambra State off-cycle gubernatorial election now concluded, IDEAs radio returned to examine the IDEAs issues that were exposed as Ayo Obe interviewed Ene Obi, the Convener of the Civil Society Situation Room (CSSR), a coalition of over 70 civil society organisations, which was fully on the ground before and during the election.

Of course an election is an essential part of Democracy, the ‘D’ in IDEAs, but what was Ene’s view of the Integrity of the process.  Ayo noted that while there had been so a great deal of focus on the security situation and the resulting security blanket over Anambra State, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) appeared to have taken its eye off the ball as regards the logistics of the election.

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